MUSIC ‘Warp & Weft’

Andrew Heath and Friends – Museum in the Park, Pavilion Sunday 15th September 2.30 for 3.00 pm £5 – For tickets click here.

This exciting world premiere Warp & Weft, commissioned for the Festival, takes Andrew in a new direction and includes a saxophonist and violinist with Lydia Kenny and Angie Spencer.

Artist’s view…..

As a sound artist/composer, I am normally drawn to the more abstract and ‘interpreted’ elements of sound associated with any project, in this case, the weaving industry that both historically and to a lesser extent, remains within the beautiful, rural landscape of Stroud and the surrounding areas. However, I feel that here is an opportunity to explore the more rhythmic aspects of the day to day sound experience of people living and working within this industry. This would very much be a change to my normal working practice and would allow me to explore new ways of working that I am very excited by.

I propose to produce a piece of soundscape/music that would be performed as a live event and then be able to stand alone as a sound installation. This would explore the repetitive, rhythmic qualities of weaving machinery and by use of modern technology, create syncopated musical structures using actual recordings of weaving looms etc. I’m also keen to explore adding a musical interpretation over these structures. I’m not so interested in recreating the actual volume and overwhelming noise of these mill environments more to create my interpretation of the intricate and hypnotic, syncopated background noise.

One idea that I’m keen to explore is that of recreating a day in the life of someone, tuned into and attracted by the environmental sounds around them in the same way as I am – to put my present self into that time and see what I would do with the influence of what might be heard as I go about my day.

I look forward to delivering work that is artistically engaging, ultimately musical in its approach and that draws the listener into my interpreted sonic world of this historical weaving industry.