Presentation Monday 23rd September 7.30 pm Museum in the Park, Pavilion

The Slad Brook Chapbook is a magazine produced by Fred Chance and Philip Rush,  It comes out every two months or so and circulates within Stroud.  Its purpose is to celebrate the work of photographers, artists and writers.  Many work locally, and their work appears elsewhere in the Wool and Water festival.  The Chapbook is delighted to have presented excellent local work alongside contributions from further afield, including, for example, from Julian Claxton, Liam O’Callaghan, Marco Ristuccia, Frank Horvat, Dan Howard, Pedro Abascal, Andrew Fusek Peters, Thomas Lindahl Robinson and Bnar Sardar.

Each issue of the Chapbook is focused loosely on a theme:The Enclosed Space, Understanding Maps, The Callused Hand (se image – photo John Haynes) and so on—and this allows work from various artists, photographers and writers to rub shoulders productively and for the reader to explore connexions, overlaps and contrasts as they read through the magazine.

A key section in the Summer 2019 edition, The Callused Hand, is the text of William Morris’s Useful Work versus Useless Toil, and the ideas of this text fit exactly with some of the key themes in the celebration of Stroud’s Wool and Water.  In an earlier issue, Village Games, you can read an extract from William Cobbett’s Rural Rides from the 1830s:

“From Avening I came on through Nailsworth, Woodchester, and Rodborough, to this place, Stroud. These villages lie on the sides of a narrow and deep valley, with a narrow stream of water running down the middle of it, and this stream turns the wheels of a great many mills and sets of machinery for the making of woollen-cloth. The factories begin at Avening, and are scattered all the way down the valley. There are steam-engines as well as water powers. The work and the trade is so flat that in, I should think, much more than a hundred acres of ground which I have seen to-day covered with rails or racks for the drying of cloth, I do not think that I have seen one single acre where the racks had cloth upon them.”

The Slad Brook Chapbook will be presenting a special Wool and Water issue for the Festival, which will include coverage of work sampled from throughout the Festival alongside complementary work on related themes from elsewhere.

Front Cover – Issue No. 8