Stroud Poets are planning a reading event at the Museum in the Park.

Wool and Water Anthologies

Wool 1st September 4.30 pm AND Water 23rd September 7.30 pm

The Stroud Poets programme of poetry pamphlets, now in its second series, is creating as part of the Festival two double-length pamphlets.  Each will contain work from six poets; Lesley Ingram, James Holliday, Mark Huband, JLM Morton, Maxine Relton, Maria Stadnicka; Kim Baker, Eley Furrell. Sharon Larkin, Rowan Middleton, Caroline Shaw  and Jacqui Stearn.  The anthologies have been edited by Philip Rush of Yew Tree Press, which publishes the Stroud Poets series.

Stroud Poets celebrates and records the work of poets in the Five Valleys, and further afield. The series of readings which have been generously hosted by the Museum in the Park have been consistently well attended and supported. 
The twelve “Wool and Water” poets have worked for several months revising pieces and creating new work in response to the themes of the Festival;  the result is a rich, varied and accessible set of poems which will give food for thought and reflection, which will complement other work at the Festival, and which will endorse the simple experience of walking Stroud’s canal banks, mills and hillsides.

There are two readings planned, to “bookend” the festival exhibition at the Museum, the first in the afternoon of Sunday 1st September, and the second in the evening of 23rd September.  Both readings will take place at the Museum in the Park, and both pamphlets will be available at each reading, but you’ll need to come to both if you want to hear all the poets read!

Stroud Poets and their pamphlets are available from Yew Tree Press books run by Philip Rush

Just a sample of the delightful Yew Tree Press pamphlets of poems.

Please keep me informed about the Wool and Water Festival:-