Stroudwater Canal Sunday 15th September FREE

Storywalk 1 will begin at the Stroud Brewey 3.00 pm

Storywalk 2 will begin Stroud Brewery 4.30 pm

For 150 years the Cotswold canals played a vital role in the history of the Stroud area. Navvies and lock-keepers, lengthsmen and leggers, swimmers and dreamers formed part of a vast and numberless company who lived and worked on these waterways. Fiona Eadie, author of Tales from the Towpath, brings some of their tales to life on two storywalks during the Wool and Water festival.

Join Fiona on Sunday 15th September for one or both of the gentle 45-minute storywalks along the towpath.The walks are for all who know and love the Cotswold canals – for those who live nearby, those who make frequent visits to the waterways and those who are discovering them for the first time.

They are also for those who know Stroud and other canalside towns of old, who may even remember the canals before they were abandoned, as well as those who have watched or are involved in their skilled and impressive restoration.

It is for the children of the Stroud valleys and further afield who might like a glimpse of what life was life on the canals in earlier times and who may, with luck, become champions of the canals in the future.