Nettie Edwards was at her enthusiastic best when explaining to a captivated audience the approach and thinking that lay behind her extraordinary anthotypes.

Nettie’s residency at Hawkwood allowed her the space and time (although I think she would like it to have lasted longer!) to think about her work and, in particular, it’s ongoing relationship to nature and a bio-diverse world.

Nettie was able to explain at the ‘Meet the Artist’ session how obtaining dyes from the surrounding flora at Hawkward, together with an understanding of chemistry and the catalystic affects of paper acids and alkalis, influenced the extraordinary range of colours created. Veg as well – the beetroot colour prints were quite extraordinary.

Nettie was able to create a palate of colours in her sketchbook demonstrating that nature could not be beaten!

You can find out more about Nettie on her website LUMILYON.

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